VOJA Handelsmaatschappij

PO Box 45

3958 ZT Amerongen

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 343 - 454826

Fax:+31 343 - 460354

Website: www.voja.nl

E-mail: info@voja.nl

VAT number:

NL 8023.38.471.B.01

K.v.K. number:


Last update:

Janauary 21st 2010

Welcome on the website of VOJA Handelsmaatschappij

VOJA Handelsmaatschappij is a member of the VO Group. As a selling company, we are specialized in selling innovative products on the Dutch and other foreign markets. 

BG products

Air refreshers

Wager products

Fault finder

Brake testers

Idle Limiter

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us via +31 343 454826 or via e-mail info@voja.nl!