Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list with questions which people are asking a lot. It is possible that, after you have read this list, you still have some questions left. Please do not hesitate to ask those questions via email info@voja.nl or via telephone 0031-343-454826.


What Causes Black Smoke & Exhaust Pollution?

Unburned fuel being blown out of the exhaust is the primary cause.

How Much Smoke & Exhaust Pollution Will I Reduce?

Between 5% and 54%

How much fuel will I save?

From 2% to 21% documented. Some client observations have been higher.

What Is A Catalyst?

Something that affects the rate of a chemical reaction but is not itself used up in the process.

What Does The Catalyst Do?

It lowers the activation energy of the pre-combustion process allowing for transformation of the components of the fuel to form a

more energetic mixture. This results in an increase in fuel economy, a more efficient combustion and a decrease in harmful


What Else Does The Rentar Fuel Catalyst Do?

It can also reduce engine maintenance and extend engine life as a result of the reduction of harmful deposits which can build up in

an engine. It can extend the useful life of the oil and appears to extend the life of the injectors. Finally it reduces driver and

pedestrian health risk due to the reduction in harmful volatile organic emissions.

What Is The Rentar Fuel Catalyst Made Of?

The Rentar is composed of a patented combination of rare earth elemnets and various active metals housed in a heavy gauge

metal cylinder.

Is The Rentar Technology Patented?

Rentar has five domestic patents as well as extensive international protection. Rentar vigorously defends its proprietary interest.

How Big Is It?

The specific size employed depends on the size horsepower and configuration of the engine. Different sizes for different engine

models 10" to 20" long and ranging in diameter from 1 3; weights vary by size; standard is around 3 pounds. The Rentar

comes with hydraulic fittings.

Where Is It Installed?

The Rentar is installed on the last single fitting of the fuel line prior to the fuel entering the engine block. On different engines the

installation will be in different locations. Rentar recommends the installation to be as close as possible to the point of combustion.

Why does The Rentar Fuel Catalyst have to be as close as possible to the injectors?

Once the fuel passes through the Rentar Fuel Catalyst, the fuel is in a temporary activated state, allowing it to be modified. The

fuel is no longer in the activated state soon after leaving the Rentar unit from which the energetic mixture of fuel is formed. This is

the principle reason for the Rentar to be attached at the last single fitting of the fuel line prior to the fuel entering the engine block.

How Long Will It Last?

Some installations have been in operation for 15 years. The Rentar comes with a 10-year limited warranty. It is constructed of

heavy-gauge metal, has no moving parts and there is nothing to add.

Is the Rentar Fuel Catalyst a fuel additive?

No. Additives are a continuing expense and have been proven to "pollute" the ground water.

Does the Rentar Fuel Catalyst contain or utilize magnets?


How long does it take to install?

About 20 minutes.

Will installing The Rentar Fuel Catalyst void my engine warranty?

No. Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and International have issued Rentar a letter stating that the use of the Rentar does not

in and of itself void the manufacturers warranty.

Can I take the Rentar Fuel Catalyst off of my engine when my engine is worn out and use it on another engine?

Yes. The Rentar Fuel Catalyst can be transferred to new installations. The ten-year limited warranty is for the life of the device

and is not voided if taken off one engine and placed on another.

On what engine does the Rentar Fuel Catalyst work best?

Noteworthy improvements occur both on newer electronically injected engines as well as older mechanically injected engines. The

more significant improvements have occurred on older engines.

Does The Rentar Fuel Catalyst need to be serviced?

No. Once the catalyst is properly installed there is no further maintenance required. A periodic inspection of fuel lines is

recommended along with a visual inspection to make sure it remains securely mounted and is not rubbing or vibrating against

any metal edges on the engine. Also, the fittings should be checked for tightness and leaks.

What effect does The Rentar Fuel Catalyst have on emissions?

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst has been tested at EPA and CARB certified labs and has shown a significant reduction of the following

emissions: CO, CO2, THC, NOx, and Particulate Matter as well as opacity.

Does The Rentar Fuel Catalyst work on all engines?

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst has a different effect on different engines. The older, less efficient the engine is, the more dramatic the


How often do I need to inspect The Rentar Fuel Catalyst once it is installed?

We recommend that you visually inspect the installation every 90 days.

How soon will I see results?

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst will start working as soon as it is installed, but will not show maximum benefits until the engine has

operated for approximately 70-100 hours under load; this is because the fuel system needs to have the Rentar's catalyzed treated

fuel running through the fuel system's injectors for some time to clean out varnishes, gum deposits and built-up carbon in the

cylinders that have accumulated over time from untreated fuel.

Aren't all fuel savers or conditioners alike?

No. Other devices or fuel additive products may have some benefits but the Rentar Fuel Catalyst produces significant results

without the potential disadvantages that can come from the use of other products. For example, fuel additives can result in

pollution of groundwater, and post combustion devices can result in the clogging of filters, which require maintenance. Also the

Rentar catalyst is a one-time cost compared to post combustion devices which are much more expensive and have an ongoing

cost of replacement and additives which force an operator to incur an ongoing expense.

How does The Rentar Fuel Catalyst give an engine more power?

By conditioning the fuel to produce a more energetic mixture of fuel components which enables the fuel to burn more completely

and combust with more energy, there is a more efficient combustion process with added energy which increases fuel economy

and reduces harmful emissions.

How Does The Rentar Fuel Catalyst reduce smoke?

Since smoke is unburned fuel, the Rentar Fuel Catalyst will condition the fuel to burn more completely.

How does The Rentar Fuel Catalyst keep my injectors cleaner?

The Rentar Fuel Catalyst breaks the fuel down into exceedingly fine mist by reducing surface tension of the fuel, which results in

improved fuel burn because of increased surface area of the fuel. This improved burn is constantly working to clean the fuel line

and injectors.

Can I paint or polish The Rentar Fuel Catalyst?

No. The Rentar catalyst must "breathe." The pores in the metal housing need to be left open to breathe, or the Rentar Fuel

Catalyst will not work as well.

Can The Rentar Fuel Catalyst be installed vertically instead of horizontally?

It is recommended to always install the Rentar horizontally when possible. However, some installations may require some vertical

angle of degree, which is permissible, as long as the Rentar is slanted in a downward angle towards the injector port.