This can be reached with our RENTAR FUEL CATALYST!

The RFC is specifically designed to increase the efficiency of diesel engines. The natural inefficiency inherent in diesel engines is well documented. Specifically, diesel engines under-burn fuel emitting unburned or under-burned fuel from the exhaust causing severe environmental problems some of which has been declared to cause Cancer.

Under-burned fuel accumulates on the internal parts of the engine

causing engine wear, shorter engine life and higher maintenance

cost. Under-burned fuel under-utilizes the energy capacity of fuel

resulting in less power and higher fuel cost. The patented Rentar

Fuel Catalyst pre-conditions fuel to burn more completely before combustion.

How does it work?

Fuel molecules have a tendency to cluster together. At the point of combustion the

outer molecules protect the inner molecules from being covered with oxygen

resulting in some of the inner molecules going un-burned and blowing out the

exhaust as emissions.

When fuel is passed thru the Rentar Fuel Catalyst's patented combination of metallic

and rare earth elements, just prior to combustion, a reaction occurs which separates

the clustered molecules so more of the fuel molecules surface area is exposed to

oxygen at the time of combustion.


A more complete and efficient burning of the diesel fuel gives the following advantages:

  • There is LESS fuel needed toget MORE energy (HP) out of the engine!
  • An exhaust decrease because the engine burns the fuel complete and efficient. The percentage can go up to 50%
  • Because of the more efficient burning of the fule, the engine parts will be cleaner which results in LESS engine maintenance, and a LONGER life cycle of the oil!
  • A 10 year guarantie on the RENTAR Fuel Catalyst!    

Building in!

The building in process of the Rentar Fuel Catalyst takes about 30 minutes to install. Click here for more information about the install process!

Test results

The RENTAR Fuel Catalyst is tested by several organisations and companies. For a review of these organisations click here!


(Frequently Asked Questions)

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